Welcome! I last wrote my “about” page seven years ago and have just realised it simply listed stark facts about myself: name; age; degree; university; profession. But those things aren’t what define me, nor are they what define my blog.

Pure and simple, this blog is for my writing. I mainly write fiction, but sometimes (and usually much to my disappointment) I find real life seeping into my posts or my made-up worlds. This blog is a place where I can simply Be, though I always love a good bit of constructive criticism if you want to give me some; I’m always looking to improve!

Want to contact me? My email address is sequeira.jasmine@gmail.com.

“You and that bloody camera.”

P.S. Here’s my cat basking in the sun. Nothing beats an afternoon of writing with him curled up on my lap.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Reading this about me, I find myself quite a-meow-used! 😛 Happy to have found your blog, look forward to reading newer and older posts, Cheers 🙂

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