Writer’s debt

No, I don’t mean the student loan kind… but there is that, too.

This if far-flung from my usual post, but I’ve been using a technique which I thought might be helpful to other people.

I love to gamify anything and everything. Learning a language? Check. Setting targets? Check. Playing games? … wait. Check?

So I’ve been setting myself a writing goal each day – x amount of words. Whenever I don’t meet it, I gain what I call “writer’s debt”. So say my goal is 500 words a day. If I miss one day, I have a writer’s debt of 500 words. If I miss three, I have a writer’s debt of 1,500 words, etc. It keeps me on top of things.

I also thought of an alternative if you wanted to raise the stakes. Just like some people have a swear jar, if you don’t reach your writing goal and you end up earning writer’s debt, you have to put x amount of money into a jar. Maybe that money could be used for something in particular, I don’t know (I haven’t thought that far).

I hope this helps those who procrastinate as much as I do!