Don’t you think

society is weird? The way we pass people on the street and don’t make eye contact or exchange a single word with one another. A lot of us purposely do this on a daily basis. It kind of unnerves me.

And then we have all these nonsensical rules which have to be followed – this whole, intricate system of exchange (and exchanges). And then some people don’t say certain things because it’s impolite and you wonder what they’re really thinking. And we all live in these separate units; these little microcosms.

We gesture our thanks to drivers when they stop to let us cross the road, like “thanks for not mowing me down!” and sometimes they get annoyed if you don’t thank them. What is that?

If someone’s too cheerful or friendly in public, it’s normal to wonder why; to judge that person and maybe think they’re “not all there“, or think they’re hitting on you. Or both.

We drive around in these metal boxes with four wheels. We communicate a great deal through screens. We have this perverse, unrealistic societal idea of what beauty is.

Yep. Society is weird.