Sunday mornings

God, I love them. They are so peaceful, as if the whole world is still asleep. And although it seems backwards, I tend to wake up earliest on Sundays. I think it’s an instinct: my mind’s way of letting me enjoy the peacefulness that is Sunday mornings.

Anything seems possible on a Sunday. Even if it’s just a lazy day in watching the rain outside. Runs seem easier on a Sunday, and people are way more relaxed and approachable.

Man are Sundays nice.

Sunday Sunday Sunday. I’ve written it too often now. It doesn’t look like a proper word, just an amalgamation of Sun and day. Which I guess technically it is.


Author: Jasmine

Hi, my name's Jasmine, I'm 25 and I live in London. This blog is simply to note down my current thoughts - got any opinions on what I write about (or if you simply want to drop me a line), comment me :)!

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