7. Heaven

This photograph is from the film Sunshine Cleaning
This photograph is from the film Sunshine Cleaning

“What’s it like up there in Heaven, Georgie?” Walt held the radio close to his mouth, eyes focused upon the skies as if he could see her eight-year-old face staring back at his.

He waited politely for a moment, hands trembling with emotion. The moment passed with no response.

He raised his left hand to his mouth, mimicking the crackle of an incoming message on a police radio. “Like nothing you could ever imagine, Walter.” He whispered, raising his tone two octaves above his natural pitch. “For me, Heaven is a giant sandbox and I have to build mountains to reach the flying dinosaurs in order to slay them and motes to ward out evil bullies from my castle. And sometimes I while away the day (even though there is no “night”; I’ll refer to it as “day” so you can understand) by hiding in the reeds of my mote and throwing pebbles at anyone on Earth who speaks ill of my family. Those days are fun. Every day is fun. But those ‘specially. Heaven can be anything you want it to be, though. Sometimes I ask my Nan and Granddad what they have been up to that day and they tell me they’ve been parachuting or bungee jumping or paragliding. And sometimes they ask me if I want to come along but I say no and they ask me why and I tell them that that’s my idea of Hell, not Heaven and they laugh and help me slay a couple of dragons and feed me ice cream and lemonade like the good old days. Maybe one day when you die we can fly around in the rain with nothing on but a t-shirt and shorts like you always wanted and we wouldn’t even catch a cold or get scolded by our mums. And then after that, we could dry off in the sun and swim with a school of clownfish.”

He beamed with joy, cleared his throat and spoke in his normal intonation. “That sounds great, Georgie. It’ll be nice to see you again once I’ve lived to see one hundred down here on Earth.”

A ray of sun played upon his face for a moment, turning his brown hair golden. He smiled happily and felt Georgie’s warm embrace.

I am not sure if you’re familiar with the film, but inย Sunshine Cleaning, Oscar (the boy in the middle of the above picture) believes that he is able to contact people in heaven through a CB radio. The above was inspired by said scene.


Author: Jasmine

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