The Ark – Part Four

The various branches of lightning look like veins... wrathful, bulging veins... This photograph belongs to vk1962
The various branches of lightning look like veins… wrathful, bulging veins… This photograph belongs to vk1962

In case you missed it: Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

Incah lay shrouded in darkness, his head resting against his paws once more. His tears had fallen freely all afternoon, but now there were none left to shed. He wondered fleetingly if he had become dehydrated from all the crying, but soon settled his thoughts once more upon his old friend’s drenched, lifeless body. How small it looked, he thought miserably, as though God’s salty tears had corroded part of his flesh. He closed his eyes and decided to dull his pain with a much-needed nap. Who knew grief could be so tiring.

Before he was able to relax his tense muscles, the dinner bell tolled obnoxiously, causing the sound to echo around his small refuge. Incah flattened his ears against the din, though his stomach protested vehemently. Nearby someone called out to him urgently, but the voice was unrecognisable and he did not possess the energy, nor the desire, to find out who it belonged to. Instead, he closed his eyes once more and drifted into a restless doze.

A flash of thunder burned Incah’s retinas a bright red and forced him out of his fetal position. He shakily moved to the door and listened for any peculiar noises.

“Incaaa-aaahhhh!” The wind whistled his name angrily. “Incaaa-aaahhhh!” Mortified, Incah jumped backwards.

“Come have dinner with the rest of the survivors, Incaaa-aaahhhh! Unless you wish to be smited, show yourself to the elements!”

“I saw my friend out there; he was part of my pack. Will you smite me as you did him? Just leave me alone. I’ll recover if you leave me alone.” Incah growled angrily, hackles raised against his freshly-found foe.

Brrrr-crack! Shards of wood flew from the door before the lion so that his fur became littered with brown flecks of dashes and dust. He cowered before it and peered out at the Ark’s deck. Lightning descended from the Heavens so that Incah could make out thousands of gleaming eyes in the distance.

“Out, out, get out! Stand in the downpour for a while; it’ll rid you of wooden fragments. Then go down to the dinner hall, young cat: everyone’s waiting for you to join them. We’ll discuss your behaviour later. Now go!” Another crack of thunder sounded and the voice was gone; though the wind continued, its language was indiscernible.

Incah sighed and traipsed out onto the deck. He paused momentarily to feel the rain run through his coat before descending to the dinner hall. Nature’s sounds diminished as mayhem filled his ears.

Tonight will be a long one, he thought as he entered the room to hear thousands of angry protests aimed at his own dejected soul.


Author: Jasmine

Hi, my name's Jasmine, I'm 25 and I live in London. This blog is simply to note down my current thoughts - got any opinions on what I write about (or if you simply want to drop me a line), comment me :)!

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