The Ark – Part Two

In case you missed it: Part One

“Incah!” The lion froze as he anticipated Francis’ next verbal assault but when none arrived, he raised his head to discover who had called him. “Over here!” It beckoned. He finally saw the woman who owned the voice: Abigail. Loping towards her with joy, he did not even attempt to hide his happiness.

“Abby. What are you doing here by yourself?” He stood slightly behind her, head cocked inquisitively as her hands swayed beyond the wooden rail of the Ark.

“Fishing for our supper, of course.”

“Fishing…?” Incah edged closer to the gunwale and peered over the side, his neck straining to catch a glimpse of what lay beneath. Raindrops stung his eyes and caused his view to blur. He pawed his face impatiently; eager to see where their daily food was coming from. Finally, he took his place beside Abigail once more and gazed into the wild sea that surrounded them.

A streak of gold; the pungent scent of decay; hundreds of eyes glaring at him from the murky water, glassy and wide as though they had seen horrors beyond belief. Incah retracted his head hastily – coughing from the stench as he did so – and gazed at Abigail in confusion.

She turned towards him for a moment and their eyes met, but she immediately returned her gaze to the sea of blood and tears and continued to fish. “I know it isn’t pleasant, but what did you expect?” Her voice was so soft Incah was forced to strain his ears to catch her words.

“But this… that…” I certainly wasn’t expecting this! He wanted to roar at her, but knew she was not to blame so instead, he lowered his head in frustration. “Just Following Orders” will be the phrase written above the Ark’s entrance at this rate, he thought. Defeated, he turned towards her once more, resolve steady.

“You shouldn’t be doing this alone; it’s enough to scar anyone for life. Allow me to help you.”

She hesitated for a moment before nodding her head and handing him a length of paper. “There’s the list. You’ll find a spare net behind you.”

“You have a shopping list?!” Revulsion raised his hackles.

“Each species have their own dietary requirement; we can’t pick any old beast from the sea else we’ll all die of malnutrition!” Her stubborn anger merely made him bow his head in subservience; she was just about the only level-headed creature he had for company, so he did not wish to incur her wrath.

Once he had seized a fishing net, he peeped over the edge once more, held his breath and threw the net at the hundreds of bodies beneath him; eager to complete the task as quickly as possible.

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