Creation and Decay – Part Four

All that could be heard on that clear evening were the sounds of brambles cracking underfoot intertwined with jagged pants cutting the air around the pack. They had traversed all day, rarely stopping, so now, even if they wanted to pause, their limbs would quiver helplessly. After days of listless idleness, their bodies – so imperfect and burdensome – had grown unaccustomed to such strenuous activities. All of them were solidly looking forward to the respite, even though it would probably mean the battle they had fought so hard for had been lost.

Eve continually glanced back at the rest of the wolves – for she led the group, a good few metres in front of everybody else – paying close attention to the final two, who carried her beloved Adam between them. She was filled with determination at the thought of finally conquering the pernicious caitiff that was God, though this never threatened to over cloud the skipping of her heart whenever she thought of her longest companion, Adam. Her shoulders slumping and her head falling to stare at the ground, she continued on, her body trudging on automatically even though her mind and spirit were elsewhere.


The rabbit ruffled its tail quickly, thankful that they had finally reached their destination: the moon was now high in the sky and the cool evening had become a bitterly cold night. It stood outside a cave made completely of jet black marble, gazing up at the smooth outline of the structure, barely visible against the sky. Shivering slightly, it thought of how colours could instil emotions in animals; how the cave’s lack thereof made the animal feel hollow and alone. Even though it had passed through the cave’s entrance countless times, the chill which shrouded the rabbit never ceased.

And it was sure the wolves felt the same way. This was mainly due to the fact that when it glanced back, they were huddled together, staring at the cave in both awe and trepidation. All except Eve, whose determination was clear even when she was faced with such an alien creation as this. She stood apart from the others, glaring directly into the cavern. Though she appeared more alive than ever before, her bushy tail had sunk slowly between her legs whilst her ears lay flat against her head. She was quite obviously disturbed by the image before her, yet appeared to be putting on a front for her fellow ex-Adams and ex-Eves. The rabbit liked the nobility she exuded and stared openly at her until she lowered her eyes to meet its own.

The rabbit replied by moving towards the cave’s opening.

If the creatures behind the white rabbit had known what was to greet them within that enclosure, perhaps they would not have followed so faithfully.


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Author: Jasmine

Hi, my name's Jasmine, I'm 25 and I live in London. This blog is simply to note down my current thoughts - got any opinions on what I write about (or if you simply want to drop me a line), comment me :)!

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