Creation and Decay – Part One

“For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Snake hissed. His words poisoned Eve’s thoughts like the bite the serpent could infringe on her at any moment. She knew He would not be pleased if she breached The Most Important Rule Of All, but curiosity swelled in her being until she was overwhelmed by the idea. Alas, if only she already knew of good and evil: with such a powerful tool, she could have distinguished Snake’s smile for a smirk.

Instead, that bare arm of hers reached to one of the tree’s fruit. Pulling it off, the snap of the stalk gave her a feeling of satisfaction: she had not died yet, as God had said. Perhaps Snake was correct in his teaching. Feeling further justified for her actions, she raised the apple to her lips, sniffing the fruit before taking a large bite from its luscious red flesh. Besides, she thought, if God is omniscient, He must have planted the Snake on her path: this must be the route He wished her to take…

But her thoughts faltered as the juices of the apple dripped down her chin and the fragrance rose to her nose. Never before had she smelt and tasted anything so sweet. In that moment, all repercussions were irrelevant and she was carefree. The only thing she could do was chomp quickly on the apple, careful to waste none of the delicious nectar. She was so engrossed in this new-found passion of hers that she did not notice Snake slithering closer to her across the grass, eyeing her facial features for any sudden change in emotion. But a split second later, the clarity with which she Saw grew, so much so that the apple fell to the ground, threatening to hit Snake as he gazed up at her. Stunned, she stared at the Tree of Knowledge and then at Snake, mouthing incoherent syllables which were lost to the howling wind that suddenly wrapped around her, chilling her naked body to its very core.

“What do you see!?” Snake’s words were not soft as they were before, but instead held the anger of the animals beyond the Garden of Eden’s walls. Eve had frozen, her hand still held before her mouth. The only physical change was that her eyes had glazed and her chest was rising and falling at more regular intervals than before. Staring directly ahead into the distance, she muttered softly, “It’s Him… I see Him for what He truly is now…”

“And what’s that?” The smirk widened on Snake’s face.

“He’s evil… and I? I must kill Him.” With these words, Eve’s legs gave way so that her body fell to the ground in a crumpled heap. Head lolling apathetically before her, she groaned. This revelation was disgraceful to her: the being she had held in such reverence – as a father – was gone and with it, part of her left too. She realised how immoral He was: that by creating the Garden for herself and Adam, He had allowed the surrounding land and animals to fall victim of devastation and decay. Even now, gazing into the far distance, she saw the spirits beyond the walls of her paradise home; heard the screams of wild animals as they pushed their shoulders against the Garden’s invisible barriers, begging for entry. And this made her scream, an action she had never even contemplated until the apple’s flesh had touched hers. She raised her head and howled, closing her eyes to this new, horrific world. The tears which fell from those clasped shut eyes of hers were bitter and salty, a foil to the fruit’s sweet, juicy syrup. Raising her balled fists to her head, she unclasped her hands only to reclasp them as soon as she had hold of enough hair. Tugging harshly, her attempts to make herself as ugly as the Garden before her failed, but still she continued. She screamed into the wind, “Oh my Lord!” the first blasphemous phrase ever to be pronounced.

Within an instant, the wind’s cries abated and the clouds parted to make room for the ball of light. “You called, my dear child?” A booming, kind voice asked. Raising her head once again, Eve glared up at the radiant being before her. But it was blinding, something she hadn’t noticed before. Covering her eyes, she howled again, wondering how the Devil she would be able to defeat Him when He was so powerful.

“Oh God! No, I can no longer call you such a beautiful name. I shall turn your name upside down so that you are a mere shadow of your former glory. From this moment forth, I shall refer to you as ‘Dog,’ for you are as lowly as this Earthbound creature, perhaps more so!” She spat angrily, her mouth in a defiant ‘o’ shape.

For a moment, she thought He had gone: the usual red glow she saw with her mind’s eye in His presence left for a millisecond, leaving behind a black mass of nothingness. But within the next second, He was back and asking her what she had eaten for breakfast. Through her sobs, she told Him and asked why He had lied to her about her dying if she ate from the Tree of Knowledge. “But don’t you see, my dear child? A part of you has died: that childish innocence which is so highly cherished by Everything and Everyone has vanished. You are now simply an empty shell of your former self, I’m afraid.” His voice was so calm that she was sure He had experienced this before. “And now I can do nothing but ask you and dear Adam to leave this Garden of Eden, so that it is free from your… taint.”

She screamed again as she was dragged by the hair by an invisible force towards the gates of the paradise world she had known all her life. Kicking and crying, it was no use. The gates opened and she was tossed outside, closely followed by another, heavier body.

Thu-thunk. The two humans hit the ground hard, so that dust rose in a plume around them.

The well-oiled gates slammed shut behind them.


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Author: Jasmine

Hi, my name's Jasmine, I'm 25 and I live in London. This blog is simply to note down my current thoughts - got any opinions on what I write about (or if you simply want to drop me a line), comment me :)!

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