Like a bird who has lost its song

Have you ever felt as though, in the depths of a silence which speaks more words than it should, you could howl for years, expelling all those built up emotions which have never been aired before; becoming lost in a past which you have purposely come to forget, so as to advance in your life – to progress from regression; to take ample leaps into the future, rather than drifting further into the dank, desolate void that is the past.

I think one could spend all their lives in the past, dwelling on those ‘remember when’ and ‘what would have happened if’ moments until they were so warped with regret and unhappiness as to what they had become that they sink into an apathetic life filled to the brim with remorse and anguish. But how do we extinguish this? How do we stay in the present, rather than vacillating from one timescale to another?

Sometimes I feel like a flightless bird; a snail without a shell. But then, what if this bird is an ostrich – one which is bound to the globe, hasn’t even had a single taste of floating in the atmosphere for longer than a microsecond? Should you be content with the life you have been given? Has it been written? Or should you take a stand; run away from anything you are afraid or disconsolate with?

And how does one go about getting their voice back?


Author: Jasmine

Hi, my name's Jasmine, I'm 25 and I live in London. This blog is simply to note down my current thoughts - got any opinions on what I write about (or if you simply want to drop me a line), comment me :)!

3 thoughts on “Like a bird who has lost its song”

  1. Beautifully written! Lovely images! When it comes to the past, I’ve always liked what John Cage said: “We needn’t destroy the past. It is gone.” So we needn’t think of the past as some weight or burden we’re carrying around. Each and every moment we can make our life just what we want it to be.

  2. Very deep and provocative post. When it comes to the past, I try not to let it define me. I try to think presently only. Every moment is a blessing and I take it as such.

  3. The past only exists in our memory. It can only exist in the present when we choose to remember. I always think of the past as a guide post that I need to let me know how far I have traveled. Enjoyed your post, be well

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